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Vascular Malformation

What is Vascular Malformation?

The irregular development and growth of a specific type of vessel or a variety of vessels is a consequence of vascular malformations. Over the years, depending on what type of vessel is included, malformations could become larger and become troublesome. .They can be harmless and mild or very severe.

Why do Vascular Malformations happen?

Many of these are present at birth and become evident at varying ages. We are now getting to grasp the occurrence of malformations. When associated with Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia (HHT), the pulmonary arteriovenous malformation is genetically inherited. A great deal of work by trained and certified experts is currently being conducted on the future biology of other malformations.


The healthcare professional for your child will diagnose the skin development of your child. The diagnosis will be based on how it feels and how over time it improves. An ultrasound could be appropriate for your infant. This will serve to make the diagnosis with his or her healthcare provider.


Treatments available are:

  • Therapy with lasers: This is used on the stains of port wine.
  • Injection into the malformation of the vasculature: This is for arterial malformations that are used.
  • A clotting drug injection: For venous malformations, it is used.


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Vascular malformation treatment relies on the degree of malformation. If your child has a large or life-threatening development, a team of doctors might be needed. Plastic surgeons, skin doctors (dermatologists), eye doctors (ophthalmologists), and other professionals may be involved.

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