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Dr. Hompriya Issar  is a Neurosurgeon in Noida/Greater Noida who provides the care for all neural diseases such as tumours, strokes, head, and spinal injuries, brain damage, etc. Neurosurgery, where many procedures and technology are continuously evolving, is a very demanding surgical discipline. Someone suffering from a life-threatening illness can return to full health following surgery, which is very rewarding. Dr. Hompriya Issar provides top hospital services for neurological therapy and has more than 10 years of expertise in the area of neuro and spine surgery.

He is highly qualified and effectively treated the number of people affected from Brain Tumor, Stroke, Pediatric Brain Patients, Head and Backbone injuries, and Brain Hemorrhage through his experience and expertise.

 That’s why he is counted as Noida/Greater Noida’s Top neurosurgeon. Including top hospitals like G.T.B Hospital and UCMS, Delhi, he has completed the most comprehensive training in Neurosurgery and is qualified to work on the spinal cord, brain, and other most fragile and complex systems of the nervous systems of the body. He uses invasive techniques using surgical microscopes and endoscopes that produce equal or better outcomes than surgical procedures. 

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For Brain Tumor Surgery, we offer state-of-the-art facilities and leading-edge treatment

We specialize in both open and minimally invasive spinal surgery for a variety of spinal ailments.

Chronic epilepsy patients can benefit from Epilepsy Surgery and cures for medically refractory epilepsy.

During puberty and pregnancy, hormonal changes can cause vascular malformations, which result from fluid or blood accumulating in poorly formed veins or lymphatic channels.

Traumatic head injuries result in damage to the scalp, skull, or brain. When it affects the brain, they’re called a traumatic brain injury, or TBI.

An imbalance in the amount of cerebrospinal fluid produced and absorbed into the bloodstream leads to hydrocephalus.

When a blood vessel wall bulges or balloons abnormally, the condition is known as an aneurysm. The rupture of an aneurysm can result in internal bleeding and death.

Radiation therapy using Gamma Knife is a treatment for tumours, vascular malformations, and other brain abnormalities.

Keeping Our Patients Safe

At Our Clinic We follow Every safety Protocol to help you achieve maximum results Without any risk. We screen all patients and visitors for COVID-19 symptoms.

Qualified Surgeon

Dr. Hompriya Issar is one of the Top neurosurgeons in Noida/Greater Noida. He holds an experience of more than 10 years of in the field of Neuro and spine surgery.

Outstanding Patient Care

By being resilient to the needs of our patients and providing what they need with consistency and timing, we create a responsive healing environment.

Shiva Pandey
Recently consulted Dr. Hompriya issar for my husband's disc problem and backache. Received great care from the doctor with clear instructions. Thank you, doctor! Anyone Looking for the neurosurgeon in Greater Noida should consult him.
Simran Verma
This is my personal experience, Dr. Hompriya Issar is excellent doctor. He is good spine and neuro surgeon. I suggest to visit.
Harpreet Kaur
Dr. Hompriya issar is the best neurosurgeon in Greater Noida, very friendly nature and supportive staff...👍
Aasif Mansoori
I am really impressed with the services of Dr. Hompriya Issar, He is the best Neurosurgeon in Greater Noida
I have sent few of my patients to Dr Hompriya Issar…and I was really impressed with the way my patients were taken care….!!he is totally dedicated towards his patients !! I highly recommend him !!
tara thapa
He is the best doc I ever see... He treats his patient like family member
malikgowher altaf
Very good doctor made impossible into possible taking good care of there patients


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