What is Meningocele?

Meningocele repair is a procedure that is used to treat a birth defect in the spine. An irregular opening may be present if the spine of your infant has not formed properly, and this procedure may be required. When a thin, swollen sac or cyst protrudes from the spinal column of the newborn, this operation may also be performed. Meningocele is a variant of spina bifida. About 1,500 babies are born with this disease. Anywhere in the spine where the neural tube doesn’t close as it should, the defect occurs.

According to Meningoceles consultant, Symptoms of Meningocele include:

  •  A gap in the back
  • A visible sack at birth
  • Membranes pushing out through the opening in the vertebrae and then into a sack
  • Natural spinal cord growth

How Meningocele repair is done?

General anesthesia is used during the surgery to ensure that the patient is unconscious and does not feel any discomfort. To remove any of the extra blood, the surgeon creates an incision in the sac or cyst. After surgery the incision is removed.

Is the Meningocele repair process safe?

This operation poses a minor chance of allergic reactions to the anesthesia drug. To decide if there are any other complications, the doctor will inform you for which signs to look for.


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