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Very good doctor made impossible into possible taking good care of there patients
malikgowher altaf

“Dr hompriya issar is a good doctor gives total time for patient”

Ankit Tiwari

I have sent few of my patients to Dr Hompriya Issar…and I was really impressed with the way my patients were taken care….!!he is totally dedicated towards his patients !!
I highly recommend him !!

Dr. Ramya Mishra

I had severe spinal cord injury then I consulted Dr. Hompriya Issar, Now I am feeling much better and can walk without any pain. He is really an experienced Neurosurgeon in Greater Noida.

Ansar mansoori

Dr. Hompriya Issar is a very knowledgeable, cordial and soft spoken Doctor who listen the patient’s problem very patiently, diagnoss the disease and prescribe proper medicines. His line of treatment immensly helped me and I highly recommend the Doctor for any neurological problem.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What distinguishes a neurologist from a neurosurgeon?

The difference between a neurologist and a neurosurgeon is comparable to that between a cardiologist and a cardiologist: whereas the neurosurgeon can perform surgery to treat neurologic diseases, a neurologist diagnoses these conditions using diagnostic tests and non-surgical methods.

How long will I be hospitalised for?

With no problems, the typical duration of stay for patients having a craniotomy for a brain tumour is two nights and three hospital days. Patients who experience surgical problems might need to stay longer.

Are X-rays required for my appointment?

YES, please bring your X-ray, MRI, and CT films, or a CD with the pictures. Bring any further test findings with you as well.

What should I expect after discharge?

Most individuals who have surgery for a brain tumour recover fairly quickly. You will be limited to 4 weeks of easy exercise, though. This comprises:

  1. No heavy lifting above 10 pounds for four weeks.
  2. No bowel movement pressing for four weeks.
  3. No physically demanding activities, such as exercising or jogging

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