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What is Neoplasm?

A brain tumor, referred to as an intracranial tumor, is an aggregation, or mass, of abnormal brain cells in which cells expand and multiply uncontrollably. There are more than 150 types of brain tumors, but primary and metastatic are pointed to as the two major forms of brain tumors.

Symptoms of Neoplasm

According to the Brain tumors consultant, the signs of a brain tumor include:

  • Headaches that may be more severe in the morning or waking the patient up at night
  • Speaking, Expressing, or articulating problems
  • Modifications of Personality
  • Dizziness, etc.

Diagnosis of Neoplasm

  1. CT Scan: CT scans are ways that a doctor can scan your body more accurately than they do with an X-ray machine.
  2. MRI: A special dye can be used to help the doctor diagnose tumors if you have an MRI in your brain.
  3. Angiography: It encourages the specialist to see what the tumor’s blood flow looks like.
  4. X-rays: Brain tumors can cause skull bone cracks or fractures, and precise X-rays can reveal when this has happened.
  5. Biopsies: During a biopsy, a little bit of the tumor is collected, and then it will be examined by a doctor named a neuropathologist.

Treatment of Brain Tumor

Brain tumors are typically treated individually or in different forms 24/7 emergency service, with surgery, radiation, and/or chemotherapy. Radiation and Chemotherapy are used most frequently on tumors that are malignant, latent, or recurring.


Complications that can arise as a tumor can cause strain on the skull and brain tissue. To avoid this you should consult Dr. Hompriya Issar. He is a Neurosurgeon consultant in Noida or Greater Noida and has effectively treated many people through his experience and expertise.

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