Head Surgery

What is Head Surgery?

Head surgery is an umbrella term that is used to refer to different forms of surgical operations requiring the reconstruction of such brain structural defects. Head & brain surgery is a particularly complex approach and the treatment relies on the type of disorder being treated.

Why is Head Surgery done?

According to a Head Surgery consultant, reasons for performing head surgery are:

  • Prevent bleeding due to an aneurysm within the brain
  • To kill it, operate on a tumor
  • Release a nerve that is pinched in the brain field
  • Drain the damage from an abscess or blood to relieve pressure on the brain

Types of surgery for the head

Craniotomy: A craniotomy is one of the most common brain surgery techniques. In the following situations, a craniotomy is carried out:

  • Removal of cancers in the brain
  • Blood and fluid from a brain infection accumulated by drain
  • Removal of brain tissues with defects

Neuroendoscopy: The surgeon cuts small holes in the skull to access the defective areas of the brain, primarily to remove tumors, a form of skull surgery.

Stimulation of the Deep Brain: In people who exhibit signs of brain conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, deep brain stimulation is carried out.


How long does head surgery take to heal?

It will take some time to recover from a brain tumor surgery. After the procedure is done, you can continue to remain in the hospital for around 3-10 days.


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