Spinal Tumors

spinal tumor

What are Spinal Tumors?

A spinal tumor is a change in the spinal canal or in the bones of your spine that grows. A spinal tumor, also known as an intradural tumor, is a spinal tumor that starts with the spinal cord or the spinal cord surrounding it.

According to the Spinal tumors surgeon, signs and symptoms of spinal tumor include:

  • The pressure at the tumor site due to tumor development
  • Back pain, which also radiates to other regions of the body
  • Feeling less susceptible to discomfort, heat, and cold
  • Walking with trouble, often leading to falls

If a spinal tumor is diagnosed by the doctor, these scans will help validate the diagnosis and determine the origin of the tumor:

  1. Imaging for spinal magnetic resonance (MRI): The MRI test is commonly the preferred tool for diagnosing spinal cord and underlying tissue tumors.
  2. Computerized Tomography (CT): To generate accurate images of the back, this procedure uses a thin beam of radiation.
  3. Biopsy: Examining a small tissue sample under a microscope is the best way to identify the precise form of a spinal tumor.

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